Coffee Matches Bagel. Why Coffee Meets Bagel Selects Redis Labs

Coffee suits Bagel is a highly curated online service that is dating. Since its founding in 2012 , the app that is dating has grown to significantly more than three million users world wide. As Coffee Meets Bagel makes an effort that is concerted expand its international existence, it depends on Redis Enterprise Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for lightning-fast performance that seamlessly scales across lots of critical functions—from caching and individual analytics to real-time data streaming.

Why Coffee Meets Bagel Selects Redis Labs

Coffee suits Bagel initially struggled having its utilization of Cassandra and soon after its use of Elasticache. While Cassandra delivered on fundamental write that is high needs, it experienced partial outages that impacted the end-user experience. The DevOps team found they needed a highly available and scalable solution with 24×7 support although ElastiCache initially became a integral part of Coffee Meets Bagel’s production environment. For Coffee Meets Bagel, high end ended up being a crucial with their operations and Redis Labs’ expertise has helped them troubleshoot problems whilst optimizing Redis’ performance capabilities.


High end. Processing upwards of 1 terabyte of information hour with lightning-fast performance Redis expertise. Wanted an educated partner to assist troubleshoot dilemmas, optimize performance, and smoothly measure operations Lowered expenses. Minimizing AWS spend on Redis circumstances.

Redis Enterprise Advantages

Zero hassle that is operational. Completely handled solution and Redis expertise and help, allowing Coffee Meets Bagel to pay attention to application innovation Fast information consume. Seamless scales to process over 300 million communications and much more than one billion matches an hour or so, without the necessity for worker throttling immense functional savings. Flash storage space for cool values reduces dependence on costly RAM and saving over 40% of AWS expenses.

“Redis Enterprise’s automobile scaling capabilities have actually eradicated times of handbook work formerly necessary to make sure employees had been designed for scaling during high-traffic times. In addition, we’ve had no nagging issue attaining 99.99% uptime.”

Stephen Brandon Engineering Manager, Infrastructure Coffee Meet Bagel

High end is Mission Important

Before adopting Redis, Coffee Meets Bagel had been struggling along with its utilization of Cassandra. While Cassandra delivered on fundamental write that is high demands, it experienced noticeable dilemmas whenever it stumbled on simultaneous updates and deletions, leading to partial outages that impacted end-user experience.

Coffee satisfies Bagel looked to Redis Enterprise to provide high-performance that is consistent. Redis Enterprise Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) ended up being deployed to seamlessly measure around the world while serving lots of critical functions, including caching, individual analytics and real-time data streaming.

“High performance has long been critical to the operations,” claims John Valdez, DevOps Engineer at Coffee Meets Bagel. “It ended up being the key explanation we opted for open-source in-memory Redis whenever building away our application architecture several years ago, and, now, it had been a significant factor within our choice to maneuver to Redis Enterprise.”

Caching, User Session Shop, Fast Information Ingest, Primary Database

Redis Enterprise provides high-performing in-memory operations that make it possible for Coffee Meets Bagel to build extremely individualized strategies for its an incredible number of users, and procedure vast amounts of individual matches at high rates, making use of several of Redis’s versatile data structures bloom that is including, sets, sorted sets, geospatial indexes and sinter operations. Redis Enterprise may be the main database for a lot more than two terabytes (and growing) of individual information. Redis Enterprise’s information seamlessly ingest capabilities scale to process up to one terabyte of information one hour, including over 300 million exchanged communications and much more than one billion matches, without the necessity for worker throttling. Along with that, through Redis Enterprise’s processing that is in-memory backlog queue, Coffee Meets Bagel has the capacity to keep information for later on use.

Reaping benefits that are many

Coffee satisfies Bagel has seen a number of other advantages following its relocate to Redis Enterprise, including 24/7 help, straighforward automated operations, reduced AWS invest, cloud-agnostic persistence and significant cost benefits. As Coffee Meets Bagel expands its worldwide existence, it might choose to fundamentally leverage Redis Enterprise’s CRDT-based active-active architecture, that will be created for geographically distributed applications. “Active-active replication will likely be a fantastic fit for people even as we carry on our expansion away from usa,” says Valdez. “But in the meantime, we’re just experiencing the breathing of fresh air-—and the breathing room—that Redis Enterprise has had to your operations.”