If you’re Mac runs slow There are many options to fix the problem. If you want to check for issues with memory First, open Activity Monitor. Select the processes you’re experiencing and then press Quit. If you want to quit, click Quit. it takes more than the memory available. It is possible to use the System Memory tab as well to see if the slow-running processes are operating on your Mac.

Another reason that could be behind your computer’s performance being slow is processor. It is recommended to close any application which uses too much CPU. To do this, open the Activity Monitor and click”X” or the “X” button underneath the tiny window’s buttons. Then, you can utilize Google to find programs that use too much CPU power if you don’t know the apps are. You should be able best cleaner for mac identify which programs can slow down the performance of your Mac.

If your hard drive is full the drive can also trigger the Mac to be slow to operate. Many applications use up too much memory and make your operating system run slower. You can try deleting any files you’re not using or moving the files to a different location. If you’re unsure of why you’re experiencing problems Try opening the Activity Monitor and looking at the list of all the applications operating on your Mac. Some errors will be visible – it is an indication that the Mac has too many running at once.